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treetops-at-riskTreetops at Risk
Challenges of Global Canopy Ecology and Conservation
Lowman, Margaret; Devy, Soubadra; Ganesh, T. (Eds.)
2013, XIX, 444 p. 100 illus., 78 illus. in color.

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  • Uses the major findings of the 5th International Canopy Conference as a platform for organization
  • Assembles a global authorship to examine past accomplishments and future initiatives critical in forest conservation
  • Presents articles that represent future priorities and advancements for canopy science in the next decade

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Dr. Lowman has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and several books including Life in the Treetops, It’s a Jungle Up There, and Methods in Forest Research.

Dr. Lowman’s column Nature’s Secrets can be found in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and The News & Observer.

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Tree canopy biologist, educator, ecologist, writer, editor, public speaker and currently Chief of Science & Sustainability at California Academy of Sciences.

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    Sometimes I spend all day trying to count the leaves on a single tree. To do this I have to climb branch by branch and write down the numbers in a little book. So I suppose, from their point of view, it’s reasonable that my...
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    Put the Muse Back in Museums
    Article written by Dr. Lowman in the Scientific American (SA Forum): Science museums should recruit the public in confronting the planet’s toughest challenges. When I was in graduate school studying ecology during the 1980s, we all shared a conviction to make the world a better place. Oh,...
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    Fifth graders skype with Dr. Meg Lowman
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    The Eucalyptus Genome
    Article from California Academy of Sciences: Science Today which mentions Dr. Meg Lowman’s work with eucalyptus trees. Over one hundred years ago, Eucalyptus trees were planted around the world. Native to Australia, these trees are hardy, and able to take root almost everywhere. Planted for fuel...
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    TV and family planning
    When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web … Now even my cat has its own page. — Former President Bill Clinton Much of my global forest conservation work takes me to remote parts of the...
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