Scientist, Author, Educator, Tree Canopy Biologist

Dr. Lowman to be one of five women honored at the 7th Annual Women of Discovery Awards

From WINGS Worldquest:

On April 28th in New York City, Wings WorldQuest will host the 7th annual Women of Discovery Awards, honoring five outstanding women explorers from around the world, and six elected Fellows whose explorations have taken them from the depths of the sea and into space, back in time and charging into the future.

In 2007, the Fellows Program was established to expand the scope and reach of Wings’ network of women explorers. Along with our Awardees, our elected Fellows create a vibrant community of colleagues who advance Wings’ mission of collaboration and advocacy. They comprise the braintrust that informs our education and outreach programs, offering inspiring role models for future generations.

For more information about Wings Women of Discovery Awards on April 28th or related lectures at the American Museum of Natural History, please contact Gala Coordinator, Annabelle Rosborough at or call 212-759-1128.

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