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The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia is a celebration of the spirit of the Amazonian rainforests. This book aims to introduce the reader to the mystery and romance of the region, supported by scores of photographs shot over multiple visits. While every attempt has been made to bring alive the Amazonian basin and its significance as the greatest biodiversity hot spot on this planet, this book is not intended to be a detailed historic, economic, scientific or geographic reference for the region.

In addition to photographs, the book provides useful maps, fact files, environmental diversity and relevant information for prospective travelers and readers.

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UPDATE on 8/18/10:
Some additional images from inside the book:

Article about the book from The Columbia County News-Times:
Photographer’s book takes readers on Amazon journey

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Comments on the book:
“I commend this book ‘The Fragile Forest inside Brazilian Amazonia’ which gives a unique insight into a vast landscape that it is essential to maintain. Bhaskar’s text and breathtaking photography allow a deep understanding of this immensely important part of our landscape.”
[Neil Lawson Baker, Chairman, The National Open Art Competition, Chichester, England]

“You have wonderful photographs and the book has a special evocative feel to it, unlike anything else I know of. The overall impression is inspired, and very inspiring!”
[Dr. Oliver Phillips, Professor of Tropical Ecology, University of Leeds, UK]