Scientist, Author, Educator, Tree Canopy Biologist

Lowman Named Director for Museum Wing


The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences introduced Margaret D. “Meg” Lowman as director of their new wing, the Nature Research Center.

For 30 years, Lowman has helped pioneer the science of canopy ecology, designing hot-air balloons and walkways for treetop exploration while studying the links between insects and ecosystem health. In her new role, Lowman will oversee the new wing’s research agenda, participate in fundraising efforts and assist with the integration of existing museum programs.

“Meg’s international network and passion for science have continually led her into leadership roles where she seeks best practices to solve environmental challenges,” says Betsy M. Bennett, museum director. “We are delighted to have her at the helm of our new wing.”

Lowman, affectionately called the “mother of canopy research,” was one of the first scientists to explore this “eighth continent” and has spent the majority of her career mapping the canopy for biodiversity and championing forest conservation around the world.

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