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5th Graders in Ohio Read about CanopyMeg’s Research and Meet a Scientist!

Amber Hershberger is a fifth grade language arts teacher at Faircrest Memorial Middle School in Canton, Ohio. She and her class read and studied a book about CanopyMeg titled, “The Most Beautiful Roof in the World.” The students also had the opportunity to ask CanopyMeg questions during a Skype interview.

Below is what Amber writes about the interview, which can be seen on her class website:

We read the book, “The Most Beautiful Rooftop in the World,” in language arts to help us become better readers and writers. The book followed the adventures of rainforest scientist, Meg Lowman. Our class had the amazing opportunity to Skype (video call) Dr. Lowman and ask her questions that we prepared. It was exciting to talk to the person that we read about!

We learned that Dr. Lowman has slept in a hammock above a Gabon Viper’s nest, is building a canopy walkway in the redwood forest of northern California, has sons who have graduated college, and is more afraid of the busy city streets than she is of the dangers that may lurk in the rainforest. The Amazon in Peru is her favorite rainforest and she even showed us a vial with a beetle in it. The beetle is called the nutmeg beetle and they discovered it was eating bromeliads at nighttime. She also told us that the dirigibles she flies in are stored in France and shipped to her in boxes! These are only a few of the highlights from our awesome interview!