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The UNFCCC Venue

The UNFCCC meetings (otherwise known at COP15) are held at the Bella Center, just outside of Copenhagen. The public transport is ideal and should be the envy of every American — frequent trains and an excellent bus system connect this conference center with the center of town

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Looking for Solutions to Climate Change – NGOs making a difference

While Ministers mingled and Bureaucrats bungled, the solution to the climate change conundrum was sitting unnoticed just outside the meeting room doors. If we citizens are to take responsibility for our consumption and its impacts on our life support systems by mid century, this can not be

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Historic United Nations climate change conference underway

Flying through a thick cloud overhanging Copenhagen, I arrived with awe and trepidation to the Bella Center where the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) had convened two days ago. Now underway, the COP15 (as it is affectionately called) is the parent treaty of the

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Data linking climate change to the fate of tropical forests

Or, why is climate change a global (not local) issue?
For scientists, the challenge of trying to understand the impacts of climate upon the future of life on earth is daunting. Issues such as land use, cloudiness, precipitation, shifts in nutrient distribution, air and water pollution, and our

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Unfccc Media Alert – Capacity Constraints And Initial Coverage Of Cop 15

From the UNFCCC:
The UN Climate Change Secretariat and the Host Government would like to inform all journalists covering COP 15 of the following:
The maximum capacity of the Bella Center, the venue of the UN Climate Change Conference, is 15,000. More than double that number – 34,000

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Demystifying REDD

“Destroying a tropical rain forest and other species-rich ecosystems for profit is like burning all the paintings of the Louvre to cook dinner.” EO Wilson
REDD is pronounced just like the color in the American flag, and similarly, it may represent the next big patriotic symbol. Most Americans

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Countdown to Copenhagen

In almost one week, the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention opens in Copenhagen, Denmark. Abbreviated as UNFCCC or COP15 (which stands for Council of Parties, now in its 15th year), these meetings are highly anticipated by governments, industry, scientists, and citizens worldwide. I

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