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Cornell’s Costa Rica Tree Climbing Course in January 2018

Big tropical trees. Howler Monkeys. Exotic bryophytes. The rainforest canopy is home to many arboreal animals: rare frogs, toucans, monkeys, orchids and this January, to you! If you’re itching for a new cultural experience and excited to explore the canopy first hand, this is it. Join the

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Williams College canopy walkway

Here are some views of our Williams College canopy walkway in Hopkins Forest, Massachusetts. It’s the first canopy walkway in North America and was built in 1992.

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Thirty Years Later – Tribute to Andrew Field

The following article is a canopy tribute to Andrew Field written by entomologist, Daniela Izera, who worked in Venezuela from 1978 until 1992.
I am an entomologist and I have worked in Venezuela from 1978 until 1992. During my stay I visited many of the Venezuelan universities; the

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Costa Rica Tree Climbing

In January of 2013 Cornell Tree Climbing offered a ten day expedition-style course in Tres Piedras del Baru in Costa Rica. In addition to learning technical tropical tree climbing skills, the nine students shared in the daily lives and the culture of a rural agricultural village.

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Review of rope-based access methods for the forest canopy

From Methods of Ecology and Evolution: Volume 6, Issue 8 pages 865-872, August 2015:
Review of rope-based access methods for the forest canopy: safe and unsafe practices in published information sources and a summary of current methods

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