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Fifth graders skype with Dr. Meg Lowman

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Ann Mahon, 5th grade Language Arts teacher at Fonda-Fultonville Central School, writes the following:
Upstate New York 5th graders at Fonda-Fultonville Central School in Mrs. Mahon’s and Mrs. Berberich’s Language Arts Classes recently SKYPED with Dr. Meg Lowman!
After reading Kathryn Lasky’s book The Most Beautiful Roof in the

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Students in middle school learn about canopy ecology


Students at Casey Middle School in New York State just read The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy for their science class, and they learned all about canopy ecology!

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Fifth graders inspired by Dr. Lowman’s adventures and rainforest research

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Ann Mahon, 5th grade Language Arts teacher at Fonda-Fultonville Central School, writes the following:
Fifth graders in Mrs. Mahon’s and Mrs. Berberich’s Language Arts classes at Fonda-Fultonville Central School in upstate New York have been on a journey to the canopy of the rainforest. Thanks to the amazing

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Environmental Scientist, Lydia Ball, Seeks Opportunities and Experience


Lydia Jo Ball writes:
I recently graduated from Colby College, Maine, with my Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science. I am passionate about research questions concerning behavior, speciation, and natural history. During my undergraduate years, I studied amphibian and insect diversity, amphibian epibiotic bacteria, amphibian resistance

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REU Canopy Explorer Testimonial – Rebecca Tripp


Rebecca Tripp’s testimonial, with photos, about choosing and participating in the REU Canopy summer research program:
Growing up on the rugged coast of Maine, with mountains, fields, forests and wildlife around every turn, I developed a deep love of nature at a very young age, and a strong

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Williams College student writes about the NSF REU summer program

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From the Mailbag –
Anna writes:
I’m a rising junior at Williams College, in Massachusetts, where I’m majoring in Math and Chemistry. I love studying plants and am fascinated by the symbiotic relationships between the flora and fauna that surround us. Through this summer experience,

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Big Forest Conservation Advances in Ethiopia – January 2013

Thanks to generous contributions from our global forest fans, TREE Foundation has leveraged our conservation programs in Ethiopia from 2 protected forests to nearly 25 forests where stone walls defining the perimeters are funded and under construction. The church leaders have expressed their appreciation, and also their

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Nine-year-old holds successful fundraiser for Ethiopia Church Forest conservation

Thanks go out to Grace for such a wonderful idea and to everyone that donated to the TREE Foundation for Ethiopia Church Forest conservation! Happy Birthday Grace!

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Students Experience Elephant Workshop at Conservation Program in India

The NATURE RESEARCH CENTER in Raleigh, North Carolina, has the capability to connect to all 1.5 million K-12 students in the state, as well as to students around the world. For its Opening, the NRC conducted 2 global town halls, courtesy of Time Warner Cable. During these

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Interview with Dr. Meg Lowman by Hidden Valley Elementary School Student

Kelly, a student at Hidden Valley Elementary School writes in with some questions for her Amazon Rainforest report.  Below are the questions and answers:
Dr. Margret D. Lowman, sometimes called CanopyMeg, is a Rainforest Canopy Expert and Director of Environmental Initiatives at New College in Florida. She has

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