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Photo Gallery – 1996 – French Guiana with the Canopy Raft

French Guiana with the Canopy Raft – an international canopy expedition in 1996.

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Photo Gallery – 1994 – Belize

In 1994, Dr. Lowman was the chief scientist in the canopy of the rain forests of Belize. Working at Blue Creek, she studied the herbivory (translation: plant-insect relationships) with over one million students as part of the Jason Project in Education. This expedition was initiated by Bob

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Photo Gallery – 1991 – Africa

Canopymeg was part of the Radeau des Cimes expeditions, whereby some 50 international canopy scientists partner and utilize hot air balloons and a canopy raft to study the treetops. In 1991, Dr. Lowman worked in the canopies of the lowland tropical rain forests of Cameroon, Africa, studying

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