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Ethiopia Expedition 2012 – Update #4

Our biodiversity team just attended a workshop of the Coptic (Christian Orthodox) priest leadership in Debra Tabor, Ethiopia — chaired by my local colleague, Dr. Alemayehu Wassie Eshete, and myself. I presented a visual lecture (with a very challenging electricity situation where we actually taped the wires

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Ethiopia Expedition 2012 – Update #3

Monday, January 8 – Today we started sampling at our largest church forest site — Gelawdios — which is 100 hectares in size and dates back to 1500. We met with the head priest of this district, who cares passionately about conserving their church forests. He also

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Ethiopia Expedition 2012 – Update #2

Some of our great field team in action during the Ethiopia Church Forest expedition:

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Tree climbing class group photo

May 2011 – Tree climbing class from NC Museum of Natural Sciences and NC State University biology department under a giant willow oak after the first climb!

(click image to enlarge)

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Zahara church forest wall under construction

Progress is being made in the “Saving the Forests of Ethiopia – one church at a time” project. Below are photos of the Zahara church forest wall under construction:
Thank you to TREE Foundation donors who sponsored this wall, to save the forests of Ethiopia! To

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Art and Science Unite

An artwork of Meg-as-Canopy by Indian canopy ecology student, M. Paramesh, marks a successful visit to work on India’s critical forest conservation.

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Brian Malow and CanopyMeg at ScienceOnline 2011

Brian Malow (science comedian) and Canopymeg (geek scientist), speakers at ScienceOnline 2011!

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Belly Button Biodiversity

How do you explain the extraordinary and secret world of rain forest biodiversity to students who have never seen a rain forest? Perhaps we start here at home…
Citizen science is the process of engaging citizens to collect data and learn how science works. To learn more about

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Presentation by Dr. Lowman on MLK Day – 1/17/2011

Dr. Lowman will be speaking at the Bethlehem United Holy Church in Durham, NC on Martin Luther King Day (1/17/2011).  Details are in the flyer below. (Click to enlarge.)

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Ethiopia 2010 Photo Gallery – Phil Wittman

Photos from Ethiopia taken by Dr. Phil Wittman of
You can view more of Dr. Wittman’s collection of incredible photography from other expeditions here:

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