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Bahir Dar

Short pictorial guide to our first “base camp”, Hotel Ghion, in the town of Bahir Dar in Ethiopia:

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Short Description of the Church Forests in Ethiopia

In the northeastern highlands of Ethiopia, agriculture and encroaching desert has replaced most of the original dry Afro-montane forests. These remaining patches of forest usually surround the Ethipian Orthodox Tewahido churches, since they are considered sacred and spiritual. Some of these church forests are over 1500 years

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Scenery in Ethiopia

On Saturday, Ethiopians walk to market, to trade goods and to have social interaction. But for many , the walk is tens of miles — and conditions are dusty, hot, and rugged on the feet (especially without shoes). The scenery is breath-taking, but obviously no one is

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Aerial Images of Ethiopian Church Forests

When my Ethiopian colleague, Dr. Alemayehu Wassie Eshete, visited me at New College of Florida, he made the amazing discovery of Google-Earth. Subsequently, he stayed up into the wee hours of the night, printing out Google images of many of the church forests for which he had

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Ethiopian people

The Ethiopians are ruggedly handsome, beautiful people. Here are some images of some of the wonderful people that I met during my first visit to meet with the Bishops and determine if we could work together on this important conservation project.

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Day 1 – Day of Departure — Some Background to the Church Forests

“… Conservation International currently estimates that one species is now going extinct every twenty minutes, which is a thousand times faster than the norm during most of the earth’s history. It is understandably hard to imagine what it means that we humans are causing something in the

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Saving Ethiopia’s Church Forests

Prelude — On August 10, 2010, approximately ten of us will embark for the northeast corner of Ethiopia. Our mission: to work with local foresters to survey the biodiversity of their church forests and to inspire an innovative forest conservation scheme. We are a diverse group

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Conservation of Ethiopia’s Church Forests

The ecology of Ethiopia is vastly understudied and also degrading rapidly due to human activities. Much of the natural landscape has been cleared for agriculture, with one notable exception: the sacred landscapes surrounding churches. These church forests comprise local as well as global “hotspots” as critical conservation

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Common Arthropods Field Guide – Ethiopia’s Church Forests

Photo-Key Field Guide for common arthropods found in Ethiopia’s Church Forests.
Arthropods Field Guide

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Saving the Church Forests of Ethiopia

Dr. Lowman talks about her recent project involving the church forests of Ethiopia:
One of my most recent projects involved global conservation of African forests. During January, I traveled to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia,a center of the Coptic or Christian Orthodox churches in this proud country. Working with the

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