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Ethiopia 2010 Photo Gallery – Phil Wittman

Photos from Ethiopia taken by Dr. Phil Wittman of
You can view more of Dr. Wittman’s collection of incredible photography from other expeditions here:

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Berlese trap extraction from Ethiopia

Neville Winchester provides us with a sample picture of one Berlese trap extraction taken from a Church Forest in Ethiopia (click for a larger image):

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Ethiopia 2010 Photo Gallery – Phil Harpootlian

Photos from Ethiopia taken by Phil Harpootlian:

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Ground sample of Church Forest biodiversity

One of scientist Neville Winchester’s samples, illustrating the biodiversity of Ethiopian church forests (click for a larger image):

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Ethiopia 2010 – The worst moments

Along with some great moments, came some bad.
Here are some of the “worst” things about our Ethiopia expedition:

Car trouble
Hornbill-hitting-windscreen (will send from laptop)
Eating ONLY with the right hand (because the left is used for something else)
Watching where you step….. the church forest ground abounds with dung-beetle habitat

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Ethiopia 2010 – The best moments

As I muse about our last 3 weeks in Ethiopia, and count my blessings for toasted cheese sandwiches, sidewalks, books, and cotton sheets on my bed in America, I think about the incredible experiences of working in Ethiopia.
The best moments:

Our amazing team of scientists and citizens

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Thank You to True Heroes of the Planet

We are heading home from our expedition, with many participants holding official permits that allow them to identify materials with experts before returning to Ethiopia where they so badly need the local information. It was an amazing expedition — I have many photos, stories, data sheets, lots

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Insects in the Church Forests

Here are a few of the critters we were surveying — got 135 birds, but all but about 11 were outside the church forests.
We got over 3000 insects as mentioned earlier, with a large portion Diptera and also Coleoptera. Of note many of the Coleoptera tend to

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Church of Saint George, Lalibela

We are in our final phases of the Ethiopia expedition, with over 3000 insects logged by various field methods, over 1000-person hours of field time, and several thousand hours of field work yet to process back in our labs and libraries at home institutions. The project was

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Epiphytes in the Church Forests of Ethiopia

Dr. Catherine Cardelús writes about the epiphytes they have found in the church forests of Ethiopia so far:
I am thrilled that we have epiphytes! Thus far I have found 5 species of epiphytic ferns at the low elevation site, Zhara, and 4 species of epiphytic ferns at

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