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A call for inclusive conservation

A new comment in the journal Nature argues that conservation’s impact on the world is being hindered by the field’s lack of inclusiveness — particularly its failure to consistently include both the many different values people hold for nature, and the viewpoints of women and diverse ethnicities and cultures. The comment is

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Presentation by Dr. Lowman on MLK Day – 1/17/2011

Dr. Lowman will be speaking at the Bethlehem United Holy Church in Durham, NC on Martin Luther King Day (1/17/2011).  Details are in the flyer below. (Click to enlarge.)

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“Climate Change – a Visual World View of Global Warming” March 9 at New College

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Join New Topics New College for a visual tour of the places in the world most affected by climate change, from the poles to mountains and our cities, and some of the actions being taken to combat the warming, presented by Gary

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Three Elephants in the Living Room at Copenhagen

With good intentions, delegates arrived from 192 nations in Copenhagen, Denmark last week for the UNFCCC (United Nationals Framework for Climate Change Convention). Their goal was to meet, talk, draft, edit and finalize a document to limit carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere, a resource that every

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Black Carbon — A Possible “Quick Fix” to Slow Global Warming?

How ethics underpins all of the UNFCCC decisions
“If ninety-eight doctors say my son is ill and needs medication, and two say ‘No, he doesn’t he is fine.’ I will go with the ninety-eight. It’s common sense – the same with global warming. We go with the majority,

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The Governator brings HOPE to Copenhagen

As week number two unfolds, the “big guns” are arriving at the COP15 meetings — to inspire people, to create consensus, and — as everyone hopes — to lead. Featured speakers include Wangari Maathai, heads of all the Amazon Basin states, John Kerry, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Desmond Tutu,

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Windmills – Up Close and Personal

Bellona Foundation, a premier environmental solutions-based organization headquartered in Norway, hosted a boat trip to view the windmills outside of Copenhagen on Sunday, December 13. This day was otherwise a “day off” for media, NGOs, and other conference participants. Heading out to sea with a fleeting view

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Young Voices for Climate Change

Environmental Solution #3 – Engaging Youth Intellect and Enthusiasm
The youth are in Copenhagen in awesome and enthusiastic forces! Girls scouts, California activists, Midwestern voices, university environmental clubs, and organized youth demonstrators are all in Copenhagen asking for “Planet not Profit.” I caught up with Alec Loorz, Lynne

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Important Environmental Science “Hot Topics” for Florida (all of which relate to the outcomes at COP15)

“We will restore science to its rightful place.” — President Barack Obama, 2009
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In 2007, the National Academy of Sciences identified six critical environmental science issues that will drive twenty-first century America. These topics impact local and national economy as well as ecology, and

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America’s Biodiversity Expert Speaks about Climate Change and COP15

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, biodiversity chair for the Heinz Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment (and honorary directory of the TREE Foundation headquartered in Sarasota, Florida) recently wrote about his scientific views of climate change in relation to the Copenhagen climate change meetings. This clear and concise

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