Dr. Lowman to be keynote speaker at the Women’s Equity Day Celebration Luncheon on 8/23/08

From the Herald-Tribune:

Meg Lowman, a noted ecologist, has studied jungle canopies for years and will share her stories at the Women’s Equity Day luncheon on Aug. 23. Lowman will speak about how gender inequality still affects science, and how she overcame challenges.

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Event details:

Date: Aug. 23; registration 11 a.m., lunch starts at noon.

Place: Bradenton Municipal Auditorium at City Centre, 1005 Barcarrota Blvd. in Bradenton.

Tickets: $30; call Vicki Waters at 753-9741. For exhibit information, call Gini Hyman at 961-7982. More info / buy tickets online

Contact: Yvette Kimm at [email protected]


Feedback Dr. Lowman has received concluding her talk can be found below:

I enjoyed your talk at the Women’s Equity Day celebration.  It brought me back to my father’s advising me to be a teacher “just in case.”  Fortunately I realized that life is not over and went back for a PhD in the field of my choice.  I admire you for your courage in standing up for being a whole person and not an appendage.
Thank you for your work in biology and on being a woman.