Educational Presentations

Storyteller canopymeg! in the classroom


CanopyMeg is a sought-after virtual speaker and storyteller for student classrooms, due in part to the widespread classroom use and popularity of The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy ( a book for children that is required NGSS reading in many U.S. states). The book tells the CanopyMeg story of how she ingeniously engineered methods for climbing trees, created canopy walkways, and explored some of the planet’s least accessible and most fascinating ecosystems. — and it’s a fun, friendly book for introducing children to forest conservation.

Scheduling an Educational Presentation

CanopyMeg classroom talks are free,
with the only request being that students conduct a fundraiser to help her in her mission to save global forests and educate kids in other countries about trees.

Ideas for fundraising are endless: anything from a penny drive, a book sale of Meg’s children’s book, BEZA, bake sales — the idea is to get creative! Click here for a fun example of how students created greeting cards to raise funds!.

1) If you’re committed to this effort, please send an email to request a presentation, providing the following information: Desired date and time (using EST as a basis and please note: Meg prefers between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm); full name of school; classroom grade; age range of students; number of students; name of classroom teacher; email; phone number.

2) Best platforms are Zoom (although others can be used with assistance from a school’s AV staff).

3) All donation checks go to TREE Foundation, Box 48839, Sarasota FL 34230 OR directly through Paypal here below.

4) THANK YOU from the trees!