Forest Canopies

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Forest Canopies

By  Meg Lowman, H. Bruce Rinker

Published September 28, 2004


  • Full-color photographs
  • Essential reading for researchers, students, professors, resource managers, forest scientists, conservationists, and others who want to make a difference in forest protection and management.
  • One of a handful of textbooks seeking to understand and link the structure, organisms, and ecological processes of the forest canopy with human activities.
  • Foreword by preeminent scientist and author Thomas E. Lovejoy with contributions from E.O. Wilson, Lynn Margulis, David Dilcher, and others.


From Trends in Ecology and Evolution, June 2005:
[This volume] is a must-read for all those interested in forest canopies.

The Heinz Center for Science Economics and the Environment:
“Anyone interested in understanding forests can only do so with this valuable book.”
– Thomas E. Lovejoy, President

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