Canopy Methods

Meg's Canopy Methods


Margaret “CanopyMeg” Lowman Ph.D., is a renowned global pioneer in forest canopy science and is one of the world’s foremost “arbornauts,” dedicating decades of her life to exploring and studying the vast forest canopies that make up the eighth continent. Researching and understanding the role that forest canopies play in our planet’s health is essential to conservation.

Meg has focused her life’s work on not just researching and reporting on her treetop findings, but inspiring others to understand, conserve, support — and even love! — these vital ecosystems that support life on planet Earth. As a young scientist, Meg designed hot-air balloons and simple walkways to use during her treetop explorations. She has published scientific reports of her findings, as well as co-authored several books on the topics of forest canopy research methods and life in the treetops 

In 2000, as executive director of the TREE Foundation, Meg inspired and oversaw the creation of the highly successful ecotourism canopy walkway at Myakka River State Park in Florida. Her goal was to inspire citizen scientists to learn more about the amazing world that exists within and above the treetops and to inspire future scientists and conservationists.