Beloved Mentor of Canopymeg Passes Away

Terry Erwin (1940-2020). Photo via Zookeys

CanopyMeg wrote the following about entomologist, Terry Erwin, who recently passed away.

“I met (and worshiped!) Terry when I funded him to speak as a keynote at the first international canopy conference which I hosted/chaired in 1994 – so I knew him personally for 25 years, at a distance for 35 years, and was always a big fan even during times when others were skeptical.”

CanopyMeg’s excerpt below taken from article at

…Terry Erwin’s work changed our perspectives on biodiversity, and I was fortunate to have walked in his footsteps,” Margaret Lowman, director of the TREE Foundation, told Mongabay in an email. “His cutting-edge approach to bring canopy arthropods down to the forest floor led to our understanding that millions of critters live above our heads … Thanks to Terry, the world now recognizes that an enormous proportion of biodiversity (mostly beetles!) inhabits the treetops. He will be missed, but his legacy is lasting…

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