Meg Lowman Celebrates Earth Day with New Website

I’m happy to be celebrating Earth Day with some exciting news: the development of a new logo, brand, and completely refreshed look for my website,

The new branding wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of my fellow Williams College alum and friend Jim Follett — who curated the design and vision of the site, led the build-out, and very generously funded the project.

The new look has its foundation in a gang of wonderful Williams College classmates, including Deborah Heineman, who came with me on an expedition to the Amazon a few years ago. The group was inspired by their travels & wanted to support the global mission to save rainforests in critical hotspots. They formed a “kitchen cabinet” to brainstorm ideas and the new logo and website is just the first of their brilliant ideas out of the gate.

Jim worked with a team of three on the rebranding project: brand/logo designer Cynthia DiGiacomo, David Martin, (TREE’s longtime website/IT guru), and MC Coolidge (my go-to-gal for writing, social media, & publicity).

I hope you’ll make like a spider and crawl all through this website! There are plenty of spots to connect on social media, sign up for my newsletter, pre-order my new memoir The Arbornaut, and learn about — and join! — the CanopyMeg mission to explore, research, and conserve global forests; mentor the next generation, especially women and minorities, in sustainability and forest stewardship; and educate diverse audiences through storytelling!