Giving Tuesday: Our Goal to Save 1 Canopy by Raising $1 Million

If you’ve been following the news and seen the horrifying effects of global warming and the damage that humans have inflicted on the environment, you’ll no doubt be as alarmed as we are. There is truly no time to wait, and you can help. CanopyMeg’s message is one of hope and activism. At the rapid pace that canopies are vanishing right now, future generations would be forced to experience the beauty of nature through pictures and books rather than seeing it with their own eyes, and this is not a world we’d like to see.

We entreat you to consider this sponsorship opportunity in earnest and as soon as possible. While we know this is short notice, we believe the timing could not be better. With Giving Tuesday and the holidays rapidly approaching, we encourage you to consider this as one of your causes to support this year. We know any clarion calls to action to save the world’s endangered forests can start with hearing Meg’s appeals firsthand.

Meg has several upcoming events in New York to spread her work and bring awareness to this dire condition, and we would love for you to contribute in any way possible, whether it be monetary donations, attendance, free media, or any connections you can think of that may be beneficial to this cause.

If this cause aligns with your values and you are incentivized to give, please visit